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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guide to Angel Messengers: Turning Negative Encounters & Events into Positive Action

Angel Messengers in Disguise
by Rev. Cynthia Rae Eastman

What if, instead of looking at the seemingly abrasive people and negative events in our lives as obstacles, we could see them as Angel Messengers, who have crossed our paths with carefully orchestrated opportunities for change and growth along our soul’s journey? Perhaps they are here to guide us to greatness.

As an example, let’s take a look at the Finance Angel Messenger, because it can really make you sit up and pay closer attention than usual. Of course, there are many acts of grace, where prosperity is concerned, small and even large money miracles take place in the lives of people on a daily basis. But, what happens when our finances start spiraling downward?

The concept of lack can take a myriad of forms from “I don’t have enough money to live the lifestyle I imagined or desire” to “I’ve lost the ability to pay for my home and I’m walking out the door onto the streets into homelessness.”

In my own case, this Finance Angel Messenger first visited me when I was a little girl. Around the age of 10, I started to notice that there was a difference between the size of my house and the amount of land we had and the houses and property that my grandparents owned. Plus, summers with them included lunch at “the club,” trips to summer cottages, and shopping in department stores with elevator operators. Summer camp and later private school were paid for by my grandparents. I became aware of subtle, but important differences between myself and my camp or school mates. Even though we all wore the same uniforms, something as simple as wearing grosgrain ribbons or more obvious, such as boarding one’s own horse, made me realize that things were not equal. Somehow, this translated into my feeling “less than.”

Experiences with real poverty set in once I left home and those got worse when I became a divorced single mother. Not having money for utilities, was followed by a shift in what we could afford to eat, and ultimately, not being able to pay the rent. The first time a check didn’t clear the bank or my credit card wouldn’t go through at the checkout counter sent my heart right into my throat. By the time I was sleeping in the car with my teenage son, a sort of numbness had set in.

I’ve had several experiences with financial reversal and homelessness beginning as a runaway teenager in the 1960’s to life as a senior citizen living on disability. It took many encounters with this Angel before fully understanding these messages, which came down to the following:

A. You are not your financial status – it does not define your value as a human being.

B. Hope, Faith, and a Sense of Purpose are the KEYS to surviving financial challenges.

It would have been extremely helpful, if I could have clearly seen and understood these Finance Angel’s messages early on. Recognizing my true self-worth and the fact that I could get through these dire situations with hope, faith, and purpose would have made the experiences less stressful and more peaceful.

What stories do you have about visitations from various Angel Messengers in your life? Here are 10 questions to help you process your personal messages:

1. Who or What was involved?
2. What happened during the incident?
3. How did you feel?
4. Did you Act?  Yes___  No___ 
If so, how? Circle: Resisted, Fought Back, Ignored, Moved Forward, Moved Away, Other_____
If not, why not?
5. What did you learn from the experience? Can you identify any gifts?
6. List other ways in which you could have viewed what happened. 
7. If this was an Angel Messenger, what could the message have been?
8. What was the ultimate result?
9. Where do you go from here?
10.What new behavior will you put into practice?

Once you see various negative encounters and events popping up in your life, recognize that these are Angel Messengers coming to share important information with you. Ask for Divine guidance as to what the messages are and for direction as to what sorts of positive actions you can take.

It’s helpful to keep the following words of Oprah Winfrey in mind:
 “Listen to the whisper before it becomes a scream.”

You may feel led to act or simply to observe more closely with deeper awareness. The main points of the various encounters with Angel Messengers are:
A. Be aware when Angel Messengers are crossing your path.
B. Pay attention to what they are showing or telling you.
C. Follow through by taking positive action in your life or by observing with mindfulness.

Blessings along the journey!

Rev. Cynthia Rae Eastman is an ordained interfaith minister and the founder of Common Ground Worldwide. She is available to conduct seminars on the Guide to Angel Messengers: Turning Negative Encounters & Events into Positive Action. For more information, contact her: commongroundworldwide@live.com