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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


by Rev. Cynthia

There seems to be a movement underfoot concerning how to manage our lives in this economy by “downsizing” and becoming “self-sufficient.” This can either help people to free up more available cash; keep from becoming homeless; or to become re-housed once they’ve landed on the streets.

In doing some research, I’ve come across a few amazing resources! Let’s say that you are currently housed, but just need to cut down on expenses. Check out the projects of Urban Homesteaders, Jules Dervaes and his family:

If you want to simply downsize the scale of your home, then you must read the work of Lloyd Khan:

Tiny Homes: Simple Shelters

Homework: Handbuilt Shelter

However, if you have become un-housed and are trying to build shelter, then definitely investigate:

Dan Phillips' Recycled Homes


Michael “Bug” Deakin's  Heritage Salvage