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Tuesday, July 24, 2012



People who are experiencing homelessness MUST have a safe place where they can sleep! When communities do not have enough shelter beds available for the numbers of people who need a bed, then other systems have to be put into place. As caring, concerned, compassionate members of society, we can certainly come up with solutions. Ticketing people for sleeping in their vehicles is not the answer.

One possibility is a sliding fee scale campground as an emergency, temporary solution, which needs to quickly move into transitional housing and then into permanent housing. For folks who own RVs as a lifestyle choice and are "landless" rather than "homeless,"  this may simply be an issue of affordable lot space. For others, traditional housing options will be more appropriate. 

Kindly post your suggestions: 

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  1. You are amazing and as beautiful as always!
    Thanks Rev. Cynthia.