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Friday, October 21, 2011

"Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF" - Virtual Team

Globally, 100 Million Children are un-housed.  Unlike homeless children in the U.S.A., children in developing countries do not have access to Clean Drinking Water, Medication, and Food Banks/Soup Kitchens/or Food Stamps. Your donations to UNICEF will help them.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week #10 - "World Homeless Action Day Countdown"

(Post for October 10th)

This week’s big idea: Learn More about Homelessness

Statistics and stories shed light on the plight of homeless men, women and children.  Use these online resources to expand awareness and inspire action.
1.     Change.org – End Homelessness
Helpful blog covering issues of homelessness and related stories.
2.     Alltop.com – Homelessness
Compilation of 40 top blogs related to homelessness.  Includes links to the five most recent posts on each blog.
3.     InvisiblePeople.tv

Short candid video interviews with homeless people from all across America.

4.     U.S. Conference of Mayors - Hunger and Homelessness Report
(PDF download) Annual report on hunger and homelessness in 27 U.S. cities including Portland, Oregon.
5.     National Coalition for the Homeless
Facts and statistics about homelessness in America.
6.     National Alliance to End Homelessness
News, facts, statistics, interactive maps and more about homelessness.
7.     Homelessness Resource Center
Compiled articles for researching homelessness.
8.     211 Info
Phone-in organization connecting people in San Luis Obispo County(California, USA)with community resources. Dial 211 for assistance.
9.  SLO Homeless
A blog originating in San Luis Obispo, California covering homeless issues.
10. World Homeless Action Day
An international site concerning the global annual event of "World Homeless Action Day." 

Bonus Blog: 
The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness
A blog by author, Brianna Karp, highlighting her personal experiences with homelessness.

 (credit: Portland Homeless Rescue Mission, Portland, Oregon USA - http://www.1010pdx.org/search/label/Top%2010 )