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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week #7 "10 Week Countdown to World Homeless Action Day"

(Send Media Release September 5th / Post September 19th)

This week’s big idea: Donate to a Local Organization

1. Your Car

Some non-profits have car donation programs which support their work. Check with your favorite charities to see if they offer this program. Donate your old car, receive tax deduction benefits, and enjoy knowing that you're helping people in need.

2. Your Time

Volunteer to help serve meals, answer phones, prepare mailings, teach job skills, tutor in math or writing, clean facilities or sort donated food / clothing.

3. Food

Fresh Meat and Produce: Organizations that serve food to the homeless are constantly in need of fresh meat, produce, and dairy products to feed hungry men, women, and children.

Non-Perishables: Non-perishable food items are great for their ability to be stored until needed. Organizations that serve a lot of food especially benefit from bulk quantities and larger (#10) size cans of fruits and vegetables.

4. Motel Vouchers

Motel 6 gift certificates can be purchased and donated to Transitional Food and Shelter, Inc. for seriously ill clients who are physically disabled to the point of needing bed rest. This organization accepts clients by agency referral only. http://www.nowheretogo.com/

5. Clothes/Disposable Diapers/Blankets

Chances are your closet could use a good cleaning. Donate clothes that are still in good condition to a local shelter. New socks and undergarments are usually greatly needed. Additionally disposable diapers (for both babies and adults) and blankets are also important.

6. Furniture

Ask if your local homeless organization can use donated beds and furniture. They might be able to give them to men and women who are moving off the street and into permanent housing.

7. Financial Support

Money is an obvious need for non-profit organizations. Make it a tradition to give a special gift during the holidays. Donate part of your job bonus or windfall. Leave a legacy gift such as an annuity. Become a monthly donor to provide support all-year long.

8. Your Birthday or Special Occasion

In lieu of gifts, ask friends and family to give to the charity of your choice. Network for Good allows you to easily set up an online donation page / charity badge and you can also donate to various “Causes” on Facebook.

9. Your Partnership

If you work for a business or organization, there are a multitude of ways you can support a local non-profit. Set aside space for a non-profit to display their materials. Donate room in your print publications as free ad space. Offer a matching challenge to your employees who donate money to a non-profit. Allow employees a few hours to volunteer while on the job. Be a sponsor of a non-profit's fund raising event.

10. Your Influence

If you believe in the work of a local non-profit, spread the word to your friends. Share a link on Facebook, Twitter or a blog. Talk about why you volunteer or donate. Rally friends and family to volunteer or participate in an event.

(credit: Portland Homeless Rescue Mission, Portland, Oregon USA - http://www.1010pdx.org/search/label/Top%2010

Blog Question: What items would you add to this list?

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